Who Is Hill Castle Industries?

It’s a simple concept: We create incremental online sales for our product suppliers.

What isn’t so simple is the execution of what we do, and that’s the part we enjoy. Here’s the flow of our business model:



We own over 400 websites that are laser focused on a specific product category and are waiting for a partnership with a product supplier.


Product Suppliers

Hill Castle Industries partners with industry leading product suppliers who want to enjoy incremental sales.


Website Creation

Our creative, technical development and product marketing team create a fully functional, highly converting website.


Marketing Strategy

Our marketing team uses knowledge gained from 20 years and $60+ million dollars of online ad spend, to craft a powerful, perpetual online marketing campaign.


Launch Advertising

Hill Castle Industries implements our various online marketing tactics to attract website visitors.


Process Orders

We process and take payment for orders while communicating to our product partners where they need to ship the order for their new customer.


Repeat This Success

When our customers are satisfied, our product suppliers are shipping targeted quantities of inventory and Hill Castle Industries is meeting or exceeding our sales goals for a product, we repeat this process for new products while finding innovative ways to continually add more value to our product partners and customers.

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