Who Is Hill Castle Industries?

Here are the 6 steps to finding products, creating our relationship and getting your products sold.



We identify Products to Market Online

Our research is focused on in-demand, consumer and industrial products.


Through extensive research of multiple sources of data we identify what consumer and industrial products are desired and purchased by online shoppers. To ensure the highest conversion rates of website visitors to buyers, we then secure a targeted domain name (website name) that will become the selling platform for the new product category.


Create Our Product Supplier Relationship

Manufacturers, dropshippers and distributors are who we want to talk to.


This step is where we form the basis of our relationship. Together we identify which products we will have the most success with, finalize product pricing, develop the standard terms of our relationship as well as create an expectation of an anticipated sales volume. With all supplier relationships we create, our partnership duration time-horizon is measured in years.


Obtain Product Descriptions, Images and Training Material

We do all the work to educate our customers and employees.


When customers have robust, in-depth information and images of the products we make available for sale, we’re confident we can promote products in a way that ensures the highest conversion to sale ratio. Our product suppliers only need to supply us their available supporting product information and we make the effort to have it available to our customers.


Develop Communication Process for Orders, Inventory Status

Orders are sent to our product suppliers. Inventory and order fulfillment status are returned.


A process to communicate to our product supplier the details of an order received by our web sites will be developed. Many options exist such as Web Services, FTP, or even email if required. A process for Hill Castle Industries to obtain inventory status from our suppliers will be implemented as well as a method to obtain shipment status for customer orders.


Create and Implement Online Marketing Campaigns

All viable online marketing channels will be utilized to create maximum sales volume.


We are very creative in utilizing a diverse arsenal of marketing methodologies whether these are paid search, display ads, search engine optimization, comparison shopping sites, affiliate networks, permission based email marketing, social network marketing, etc. Our goal is to increase the amount of online promotional real estate your company occupies to increase the likelihood customers will find your products and not those of your competitors.


Achieve Then Exceed Sales Goals

We want to be your highest volume seller.


Hill Castle Industries wants to achieve success for our product suppliers and our company through large scale sales volumes. This creates the maximum value and efficiency of our relationship which ultimately benefits our customers through better customer service, a wider product selection and greater product values. Our methodology of diverse, creative marketing that drives customers to niche product specific websites, meets your goal of increasing sales volume while limiting the growth of your competitors.

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