Who Is Hill Castle Industries?

We are an experienced, seasoned online marketing company who’s mission is to give our customers the best value for the products they buy while selling the largest possible volume of products for our product suppliers through niche online marketing.


The now famous 1993 New Yorker magazine cartoon created by Peter Steiner of a dog at a computer talking to another dog had the caption:

"On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog"

Creating partnerships in an online environment or paying for a product through a website is unique in that you really don’t know if the other company you are putting your trust in has the capability to execute during your relationship or is trusted to properly handle your payment for their product. Hill Castle Industries is proud to be led, not by a canine, but by Fred Karam, an ecommerce veteran of over twenty years. In this time, Fred has led Hill Castle Industries to achieve the following for internally owned sites and those of clients:

  • Executed online ad spends of up to $20 million per year.
  • Recognized as one of the highest volume Google, Yahoo/MSN  advertisers for several years.
  • Developed and implemented web properties and advertising campaigns that generated over $500 million in annual revenue for partners.
  • Created functional design plans and led development of collections of web properties that processed on peak days in excess of 5,000+ orders, while generating 20,000+ phone calls, from more than 100,000+ web visitors.

What Hill Castle Industries does for product partners, customers and themselves.

Our company's motto is:

“Niche online marketing for high volume products”

Niche online marketingis what our 400+ web properties will accomplish as each is developed with products to promote. We limit the breadth of the products on each website to match what the site visitor was searching for before they arrived at our store. The more relevant the product selection is to a user, the higher the probability is that the conversion rate to sale for that visitor will be.

High volume productsdoesn’t always imply that a product that is sold on an individual website we own will generate a high volume of sales but when sales are aggregated with other niche websites in the same product category, an overall high volume will be realized. A simple example is our undeveloped sites BuyDogToys.com, BuyDogCollars.com, and BuyDogCoats.com, may individually have moderate sales volume, but when our “Pet Supplies: Dogs” product category sales are totaled, a high volume of sales are realized

This strategy outlined above enables us to create meaningful sales volume for our product suppliers. We increase their online presence to ensure that their competitors don’t steal market share. Our customers always come first, and with our product suppliers, we ensure these customers find the best value when visiting our stores.

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